Jun 062011

rico hits milestone

rico has reached the first big mile stone and successfully logged over 5000 hands of betfair blackjack.

I want to have a minimum of 10000 hands recorded for analysing my betting strategies so I’m half way there! I think 10000 hands will give me a good idea of whether a strategy will return profit in the long run or not.

I’m still running rico from my laptop, turns out the hard drive had failed on my spare desktop, i haven’t turned it on in the last six months and didn’t even realise.

It turns out the strategy I posted last week, to lay ‘One or more has 5 cards’ pre-deal every time which would have made £100 in the first day, would have lost me £933.20 over the course of these 5000 hands. Total profit of £8746 but a loss of £9679.20.

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